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AAR: Convoy, medium opposed Nato transit Spoilers.....


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Convoy, medium opposed NATO transit.

Pretty straight forward scenario. I got two SAGs, one convoy of merchant ships and limited air assets. To win I just need to get the convoy to Narvik alive. I left all the surface ships on their starting courses and launched 3 F-16s to the north to CAP. Then sent one of my two P-3 Orions to the north roughly 151km off the coast to see what's out there.

It didn't take long. My CAP detected incoming aircraft and I sent the fighters to intercept and called up some more to reinforce after changing their loadout from guided to air-to-air because I'm not sure how many Soviet aircraft I'm up against. There is only one enemy base to the north but I'm not risking my aircraft on that target, at least not yet anyways.

My fighters must have been out of position because the Soviets volleyed off a barrage of AS-14 Kedge at Narvik before I could intercept them. My fighters smoked some Su-24 Fencers along with some MiG-23s. It wasn't all one sided though, 2 of my precious F-16s went down in a gun battle with the remaining Migs and Narvik suffered 22% damage to the ASMs.

I pulled back the remaining fighter since it was winchester and launched more fighters that just completed their loadout change. This CAP I placed slightly north of Narvik in a covering position, hopefully they are in a good position to stop any more direct attacks.

Meanwhile my P-3 located an enemy SAG along the coast to the north-west of Narvik. I immedately sent my two SAGs racing for that enemy group and had my P-3 launch it's four Harpoon ASMs just to see what was there. All four were shot down as expected but it used up some SAMs and I got a good idea of how the formation is laid out. I decided to keep the P-3 orbiting in the vicinty of the enemy SAG as a 'tattle-tail' so I would know where it was at all times.

Next up I launched my other P-3 to commence a Harpoon attack on the SAG and about that time my northern SAG which consisted of 1 Oslo class FFG Trondheim and 4 Hauk PTMs rounded Rost Isle chain and headed straight for the Soviet SAG group, I hope I can get these guys into attack range but I seriously doubt it.

I started getting air contacts to the north and sent off some more fighters just in case. This turned out to be nothing more then afew fighters that I would up chasing around but never getting a shot off.

The P-3 coming up from the south launched it's Harpoons at max range and immedately turned tail and headed home. The 'tattle-tail' would be my eyes for damage assessment. The enemy SAG lofted abunch of SAMs and took down 3 of the harpoons. That final one found a Mod Kashin class destroyer named Slavny and slammed into it's side and detonated. The poor damage control abilities resulted in the destroyer rolling over and sinking shortly after the impact.

As the Trondheim SAG approached, the Soviets saw them and launched SSMs, they also took out one of their own in the process. Three SS-N-22 Sunburns ripped into the Krivak II frigate Razitelny and sent her to the bottom. Not exactly sure what that was about.

The wave of Soviet SSMs wiped out two of the Hauks and damaged the Trondheim, I decided to continue the attack with my remaining ships. Apparently the AI anticipated this.

I had some of the F-16s rearm again for guided to begin attacking the SAG when I picked up another wave of enemy aircraft approaching the Trondheim SAG. I moved my CAP to intercept but like before they didn't get their until after the missiles were fired. A pair of Su-24 Fences went down along with some MiG-29 Fulcrums. The enemy ASMs made short work of my remaining Hauk PTMs. Now my memory fails me because I don't recall getting any missiles off from the Trondheim group but according to the log they did and managed to damage the Admiral Spiridonov a Udaloy class destroyer.

Now I order the Trondheim to head back and around Rost to hide from the Soviets since it no longer has anything with which to hit them with short of gunfire.

Once the F-16s rearmed I launched them at the enemy SAG and kept them low all the way to the launch point. The Mavricks made short work of the remaining ships.

Now at this point I thought all I had to do was drive the mechant convoy to Narvik and declare myself the winner. Yea not so much. Someone launched some torpedoes toward the convoy. I quickly moved the P-3 to the contact area along with some helos. The Leander/3A class Andromeda ship absorbed the torpedo for the merchantmen and sank.

The P-3 and helos promptly sunk both a Kilo and Tango boat. The contacts seemed to fade out at this point and I sped up game play until I was told I won a minumum victory. Game over :).

Good pace scenario and lots of different kinds of units and threats.

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