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File - Vivid Sentry (2018)

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File Name: Vivid Sentry (2018)

File Submitter: Mgellis

File Submitted: 24 Aug 2013

File Category: Scenarios



My 28th scenario of 2013...


In the near future, tensions have increased between the Netherlands and Venezuela. The Netherlands sends a small task force to Aruba to "show the flag," and hopefully discourage Venezuela from any aggression, and to gather intelligence. But things may not go as smoothly as planned...


(This is another scenario that I think shows how good Harpoon ANW and the HUD-4 are at modeling small battles where both sides only have a dozen or so units. It is not too hard to win, but you have to pay attention to what is going on because it is easy for trouble to sneak up on you.)


Image: Dutch naval ship Rotterdam (1998); Author: Royal Netherlands Navy / Koninklijke Marine



Click here to download this file

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