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AAR: Dangerous Waters [Spoiler Alert]

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As CinCPac:


The screen was studded with numerous subsurface and unknown contacts from the very beginning. I re-organized my ships within their patrol zones and immediately launched ASW aircraft to prosecute the submarines. Two subs were detected in very close proximity to the Wasp and Yorktown ASW Groups and both died soon afterwards. Subs were being detected all around the board from my sub units. I guess that they must have been tracking them already.


An AGI trawler was found near the Aleutians chain. A quick visit by a lone Crusader pilot put paid to his ticket with ammo to spare.


These subs had teeth. DDG Byrd detected incoming torpedoes! The Essex task force scattered while launching SeaBats to prosecute the sub. Their attack was successful. The sub's torpedoes were not.


SOSUS reported numerous contacts for the ASWGroups to pounce upon. One after another, each contact was prosecuted. All was going well when the AEW reported jamming emissions from multiple contacts. Fighters were immediately scrambled from CVN Enterprise. The Phantoms met the Badgers just as they were reaching their launch points. Most of the bombers were killed before they were able to release their payloads but 2 managed to fire before their destruction. These four AShMs were nearly sufficient to penetrate the SAM defences! Only after great effort were they brought down.


Three times the fighter groups were scrambled for deck-launched interceptions. Luckily, the enemy revealed himself from his distinctive radar and jamming emissions thereby giving me sufficient notice to launch the fighters.


After the Kamchatka bombers were suppressed, I returned to ASW work and was awarded victory after destroying 8 submarines. Luckily for me, one of them was the Boomer.


A really superb scenario, Paul. Thanks very much for sharing it.

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