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File - Coast Bronco (2015)

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File Name: Coast Bronco (2015)

File Submitter: Mgellis

File Submitted: 26 Jul 2013

File Category: Scenarios



My 26th scenario of 2013...


In the near future, a small American task force must take on a drug cartel operating out of Costa Rica.


(This might be a good scenario for people getting used to Harpoon ANW...it is not hard to win as long as you are careful and don't take unnecessary risks. It is, I think, a good example of how Harpoon ANW does well with small scenarios and in modeling low intensity conflicts; I also had fun mapping out part of the Western coast of Costa Rica using online resources to identify where beach resorts, etc. were located).


Image: Littoral combat ship USS Forth Worth (LCS 3) (Source: U.S. Navy).





Click here to download this file

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