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Søløven-class fast patrol boat


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Søløven-class fast patrol boat



"Denmark purchased six Søløven-class fast patrol boats, with the larger hull form and the 3-Proteus powerplant of the Brave class and the wooden construction of Ferocity. Armament consisted of two 40 mm Bofors guns and four torpedoes.[7][8] The first two boats, Søløven and Søridderen were built by Vospers (with Søløven being paid for by the United States and hence given the nominal US designation PT-821), with the remaining four boats being built under license by the Royal Dockyard, Copenhagen.[9] They were placed into reserve in 1988, and disposed of when the Flyvefisken class patrol vessels entered service, all being disposed of by 1992" --Wikipedia



HUD-4 v1.2

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