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File - Gallic Spark (1984)

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File Name: Gallic Spark (1984)

File Submitter: Mgellis

File Submitted: 27 Jun 2013

File Category: Scenarios



My 22nd scenario of the year...


In 1984, a coup took place in Guinea. This scenario assumes that French businessmen were arrested by the new government, charged with espionage, and executed. France wants revenge...


(As is often the case, the real challenge, and part of the Victory Conditions, is not just achieving your goals but doing so with minimal losses. This scenario has already been updated to the new version of the HUD-4, v1.2, so you will have to download that. With other scenarios, remember, since a new version of the HUD-4 is out, you may have to update the scenario with the Edit/Scenario Rebuild/Rebuild All Units command.)


Image: French helicopter carrier JEANNE D'ARC (R 97) (Source: United States Department of Defense; photo by EMMETT FRANCOIS)



Click here to download this file

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