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File - Operation Southern Guard (1985)

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File Name: Operation Southern Guard (1985)

File Submitter: Mgellis

File Submitted: 10 Jun 2013

File Category: Scenarios


My 19th scenario of 2013...


This "what if" Cold War scenario assumes World War III took place in 1985. It also assumes that, in case the Suez Canal becomes unusable, some merchant ships and tankers are taking an alternate route around the southern tip of Africa. Soviet forces operating out of Angola will attempt to disrupt Allied shipping. Dutch, South African, and American forces in the area must protect the merchants and destroy the Soviet task force.


Image: Dutch frigate HNLMS TROMP (F-801) (Source: United States Navy.)


(I hope people enjoy this one. I found it very hard to beat, although that might simply be my own lack of tactical brilliance, or patience, or attention to detail, or something. But it took a bunch of tries before I could nail the task force and do it before the Soviets sunk too many merchants to achieve the victory conditions. And I already knew where all the bad guys were!)




Click here to download this file

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