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AAR: Latakia [Spoiler Alert]

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I tried it from the Syrian side to see if I could have a different result from history.


I was hoping to use the same tactic I had employed when I played as the Israelis. I wanted to have the lightly armed MCM and MTB act as "beaters" for my Osa "hounds". Unfortunately, from the disposition of the Syrian vessels, I realized that I could not use the MCM vessel as much of searcher since she was severely limited by her speed.


The MTB set out at creep speed to allow for the Osa PGMs to catch up. Once they were positioned, the ships headed in a southwesterly direction under EmCon. Almost immediately, the MTB detected an Israeli ship visually. Knowing that this meant her immediate counter-detection, she activated her radar and was immediately rewarded by the exact positions of the Israelis.


The PGMs loosed their missiles in a single volley and concentrated on only 3 vessels as this was their minimal victory condition. The MTB tried vainly to close the distance for her torpedoes but was quickly blown out of the water by Gabriel SSMs. I saw that the SSMs were going to miss their targets by quite a large margin so I had one of my Osa boats radiate in order to give them terminal guidance. This proved successful as all three ships were struck by the Styx missiles. Unfortunately for the Radar-active Osa, she died under a barrage of Gabriel SSMs. Her sacrifice allowed for the Styx to ultimately hit their targets, though.


Thanks for putting this scenario together, Chris. Quick and dirty.

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