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New scenario: Carving Turkey

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25th Scenario Posted this Year!


NWCM3 - Carving Turkey


When the NSC made good on its promise to deliver SA-10 Grumble SAM systems to the Greek Cypriots in the spring of 1995 despite Turkish protests, the stage was set for another conflict in Cyprus. The presence of the advanced weapons shifted the delicate balance of power as it put nearly all aircraft operating from the Turkish side of the island at risk.


NATO was embarrassed when regular Turkish forces stormed the island a few months later. It had not been aware of Turkey's intent to reclaim Cyprus once and for all. Hand-in-hand with the economic boom in the NSC came military modernization and revitalization; funding for which was fueled at least partly by an unprecedented level of arms exports. The NSC would no longer sit idly by while its national interests were decided by others. It launched a major attack against Turkey on June 3, 1995.


The NSC did not believe that NATO would intervene in the Cypriot affair after having been snubbed by its Turkish partner and after the beating it had received in the Baltic conflict a year earlier.




Pleased that NATO has thus far remained only a verbal combatant in this war, the Kremlin became blind to the original objective - the liberation of Greek Cyprus. They suddenly realized that here was a golden opportunity to finally rid themselves of the age-old Bosporous-Dardenelles chokepoint. To do so, it would be necessary to invade and claim at least a portion of Turkish territory. An amphibious assault has been launched to carry out the mission.


Subj: Alert - Impending NSC Amphibious Assault


1. SitRep


Intelligence reports indicate that an NSC amphibious group has been assembled and is underway. It is heading south. The best estimate of enemy intentions is that they are planning to launch an amphibious assault against Turkish territory.


Also, it is possible that an NSC Surface Action Group is heading towards Cyprus.




Interdict, engage, and destroy the NSC amphibious group as soon as possible. Command is aware that only limited assets are available for this ASuW mission. You must make do with what you have. NATO continues to refuse reinforcements.


Your orders are clear. Stop the amphibious invasion now assembling in the Black Sea. It will be much more difficult to stop the Soviets if they make it to the beach.


Author: Herman Hum and Brad Leyte


This scenario is dedicated to WarfareHQ.com and HarpGamer.com. Thanks for giving the community your support and allowing us these fine sites in which to enjoy our hobby.




This scenario can be found at either of these great sites:




And at the FilesOfScenShare


Coming soon to HarpGamer.com

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