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AAR: Pirates of the Caribbean Campaign


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Pirates of the Caribbean


Military juntas have taken control in Cuba, Haiti, and Venezuela. These juntas, closely allied with each other, are ruling their countries with an iron fist. In addition, they have given safe haven to pirates and dealers in the drug trade for a portion of the proceeds. Representatives of organized terrorist groups have also been spotted in the area.


Scenario 1—Lighting the match


Lookouts on the new US Coast Guard Maritime Security Cutter have sighted a trawler full of refugees from Cuba. The Cutter initiates a radio call to the vessel.


Meanwhile the trawler is being pursued by a Cuban Osa class missile boat. The Osa has the trawler on radar but not the Cutter because of its stealth features. As it approaches the trawler, it picks up a radio transmission to the trawler from an American vessel in the area. Sensing that the trawler may escape, the Osa requests permission from its base to fire. The Cuban government, wanting to make an example of the refugees, authorizes weapons free. The Osa fires two ancient SSMs at the trawler. The first antique missile misses wide while the second smashes into the trawler completely destroying it with its large warhead. The first missile flies on heading directly towards the Coast Guard Vessel.


A few miles away, the Maritime Security Cutter detects the incoming missile. The captain orders flank speed and maneuvers the ship in order to present the lowest possible cross section for the incoming missile. As the missile approaches, the cutter starts launching chaff rockets in order to confuse the missile. The missile’s 40 year old seeker is easily spoofed by the chaff and cleanly misses the Coast guard vessel.


The near miss as well as the attack on the refugees triggers a major international incident and all regional forces are put on high alert with the United States claiming that the Cubans have launched a missile at one of its ships. The Cubans have no comment. However, the Haitians and Venezuelans have voiced their strong support for their ally Cuba.


This Scenario was created and played using the CIC Warfare Plotter

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Military juntas have taken control in Cuba, Haiti, and Venezuela. These juntas, closely allied with each other, are ruling their countries with an iron fist.
What does Haiti bring to the table? :) How about the Cuba-Venezuela-Iran axis. Moreso the possible transfer of technology.
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Scenario 2


The USS Ramage is operating 150 miles off the coast of Hispaniola on rute to Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico. Although an early Burke class DDG, with only a helo pad and no hangar, she is ferrying one SH60 helo to Puerto Rico. The helo is aloft on atraining mission armed with 8 AGM-114 missiles and 7.62 mm machineguns when her ESM operators pick up a signal from a susrface search radar nearby. Radar is energized and the crew picks up 2 surface contacts. One surface contact is pproaching the other at high speed from astern.


The helo then goes to ID the contacts. One contact turns out to be a fishing boat. The helo then heads to the approaching contact which appears to be an unknown trawler. The Seahawk orbits both vessels until the unknown trawler opens fire with a large gun on the helicopter! The helo is hit and suffers minor damage spewing smoke and quickly returns fire once before attempting to land on the Ramage.


The two AGM-114 missiles hit the trawler destroying its radar and starting a fire in the engine room. The trawler is undeterred and continues to head for the fishing boat. Meanwhile, the Ramage accelarates to full speed and heads for the action. The trawler comes within extreme range of the Ramage's forward gun. The Ramage open fire with its gun, quickly sinking the trawler in under 3 minutes.

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Very interesting Fred. Small scenarios are my thing for the most part as they are easy to do for me as I continue to consider myself "H4 inexperienced/beginner" level.


Thanks for posting.



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