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Group/Unit windows have a max size?


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Hey everyone, just upgraded from a 1680x1050 (22") monitor to a full HD 1920x1080 (24"), and I found that the Group and Unit Windows has some kind of lock/max size on it.


Is this intentional/intended (perhaps a windows OS limitation)? I prefer to have a bigger Group window rather than Unit window.


Not a big problem (it's already huge anyway), but just curious.

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Yes, the maximum size is the resolution of the underlying map graphic file. That maxes out at 1024 pixels across at present. So not a OS limitation, just game design limitation.

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Mega bump, but since this post I've gone from that 24" monitor to a 30" monitor with a 2560x1600 resolution.

Is the same response from above still applicable? Is there ever a likelyhood of changing? I've got a huge amount of grey screen not doing anything now. I can make it a smaller window and it's only really a issue with the view and not a critical thing though. Figured I might ask.

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