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I won't be doing this for a few months, but I'm planning to do a Harpoon 4 game over at Myth-Weavers.


The scenario I intend to do- after a quick one from "High Tide"- will be an epic recreation of the assault on the Varyag and Novorossiysk groups from Barrett Tillman's The Sixth Battle.


Anyone interested?

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I've wanted to try a play by post (?) H4 game for a while, so yeah, I'm interested.


A few other comments;

I've never done a H4 game before, so be gentle. I have done ASL and other play by post RPG games though.

I'm not familiar with The Sixth Battle (maybe this will be an advantage?).

I'm busy for the next few months, so a later start time (which you seem to be saying) works for me.

Myth Weavers? Never heard of it, but heading over for a look.


Pencil me in as interested.

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Especially Myth-Weavers, where you can put private text in posts.


What do you mean by 'private text'?


Inquiring minds want to know.

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