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2009.039 Release Notes


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HCE - 2009.039


- Chg:0000 GE Fixed a crash bug in EC2000 MEDC 11.0 upon load (it was trying

to load an invalid aircraft loadout).


if you can load the scenario from each Red and Blue sides and run it for 5 seconds of game time in each case, you can report this as verified.

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I was using 2009.39 doing a WWs scenario (in westpac) and got a lot of crashes that seem to have something

to do with air to ship action. :angry:

the GE/ database are: Build Date = Aug 3 2009

Database Versions:

Res: HCWW-090805,1249484203

Rsr: 1249484203

(taken from GE.log)

The situation seems to be reproducable, I did a couple of simple scenarios and got the same

thing (same error message).

I've attached in zip package; the GE.log and the saved game (saved from iterative save after 'launcher' start, very handy). I have others but I guess one is enough.

The crash doesn't always occur at the same time but is fairly quick, usually within a minute or so game time.

Don Thomas


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Autotest batch files for HDS III battleset completed without issues.

I want your computer. :P

Sorry but Ive given up on the batch tests :( , my celeron just can't handle the big scenarios at anywhere near a reasonable speed, at time it slows to almost real time (well less than a minute per sec).

If I run out of other stuff I'll have a look for map sets with only small scenarios. but I can't think of any.


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