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AAR: Foothold [Spoiler Alert] - Blue


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AAR: Foothold [spoiler Alert] - Blue

By Daren Lorentz




The Strait of Gibraltar has been a natural choke-point for centuries. With its narrow width and fluctuating currents, it was a perfect place for lurking submarines to hide. I held my breath as the convoy made its transit of the Strait. I was just breathing a sigh of relief when a sub was detected after leaving Gibraltar. Three Lynx were ordered aloft to interdict since she was well within the declared 150nm Exclusion zone. However, a Sea King already on formation patrol got there first and dropped her torpedoes on the Sugar Skunk. One struck aft of the sail. Another nasty surprise was revealed -- a second sub! The three Lynx were re-tasked to prosecute this second Sugar Skunk and caught her 80nm away from the convoy. A sole Stingray torpedo was enough to put her on the bottom. It looked as though the convoy's transit was going to be opposed throughout its journey.




Shortly thereafter, a mixed force of missile boats and frigates was detected by an EH101 on patrol over Cagliari. They were well within the 150nm exclusion zone as set out in the ROE [Rules of Engagement]. A strike of six AMX from Cagliari left 3 missile boats burning and sinking in their wake. A second strike would be needed.




Meanwhile, FF Montrose reported an explosion soon after a force of missile boats were detected. The boats were only detected by their ESM signature so the convoy immediately turned away from the potentially hostile contacts until they could be properly evaluated. I suspected an SSM strike, but was not certain. All calm one moment, and then BAM! And the Montrose was in danger of sinking. Sure enough, the Lynx confirmed that the missile boats were the culprits, indeed. A salvo of Harpoon missiles put paid to these ambushers. The convoy and the limping Montrose continued onwards at a reduced pace.


A second visit to the missile boats off of Cagliari completed the destruction of the force. It appeared to be a long and uneventful transit when a Sea King on patrol reported a MAD contact. She immediately dipped her sonar and found a submarine. Two Stingray torpedoes were dropped and both struck home. The entire sequence took only 4 minutes. Real Quick Draw McGraw.




Yet another sub was detected 30nm later. Two more, in fact. The Libyans appeared to be very, very serious about this convoy not reaching her destination. Both subs were detected early enough that they could be prosecuted relatively safely. As the convoy was passing Bizerta, two more Kilos detected just off of Cape Bon. These modern subs could have been lethal but they were easy prey for the helos on patrol.


Just as the convoy was approaching its destination, one last surprise was encountered. A minefield was detected at the doorstep of Sousse. The convoy immediately slowed to a dead crawl while the escorts scrambled to deal with this threat. After the mines were swept, the convoy made landfall and victory was awarded.


An enjoyable scenario and excellent job for your first production. I certainly look forward to many more scenarios. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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