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File - WestPac - From Russia, with Love?

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File Name: FRWL2B

File Submitter: Akula

File Submitted: 11 April 2009

File Category: WestPac

DB Used: HCDB-090128

Authors: Akula

Battleset-WestPac - .SCq


OK guys, here it is the much anticipated monster scenario. A warning, this is a VERY LARGE scenario and will run slowly on all but the most powerful computers. You'll need to keep the time compression low to manage it. See the included READ-ME for further info.




The Kurile Islands have been a point of contention between Japan and the Soviet Union since the end or World War Two. Even following the collapse of the Soviet state, the area remains disputed. Japan claims that the southern most of the Islands, which were not specifically covered in the Treaty of San Francisco of 1951, are rightfully Japanese Territory. Negotiations have yet to settle this dispute.



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No its finished, did I post it wrong?


Okay. Finished scenarios should be submitted to the Downloads section of the website, rather than appended to a post. Doing so will generate an automatic announcement in the Scenarios section of the forum. Submit it there and I'll approve it right away. Thanks! :)

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