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Beta Testers - Read Me First


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We of HC3 (TonyE, Akula, CV32) would like to welcome all of the beta testers and thank you for your time. I played Harpoon for a decade before I came a beta tester for HC2002, and have since alpha tested and programmed many creations. Each of us has been there and realize most of the frustrations and opportunities the testing brings.

We ask that you make an effort to contribute to the process and help to make the game better. Over time we will be able to distinguish those who are just downloading the betas from those who are aiding the process. You can be sure those putting in long hard hours will be rewarded with more resources from those of us towards the top of the heap.

Also see: http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?showtopic=3582 for more helpful hints.

Good things to do:

  • Make useful issue reports at the Issue Tracker.
    • If possible include a test scenario with as few units as possible that shows the behavior.
    • Include a saved game just before the behavior occurs.
    • Detail the process of recreating the behavior.
    • As appropriate note the scenario, database, battleset, game versions used to experience the situation. Include system specs if they may be relevant.
  • Post to the Pipe Dreams forum here in the Beta Area.

Bad things to do:

  • Use the Issue Tracker to ask questions about game mechanics. That is a discussion question for the General forums.
  • Make 'ditto' or 'me too' posts. If you must pile on add meaningful comments and expand upon any established ideas.
  • Expect the betas to run as well as the released patches. We have a history of betas that run as well or better than the released game but that will not always be the case.

Let's get to it B)

Please see the attached expansion on these ideas and tips for beta testing.


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