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Point Defense Phalanx CIWS question


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Testing old scenarios to constate DB editor is going fine, remembers me an old question.

In relation to the attached screenshot and the lines "DEBUG Downes FF1070 PointDefense Got'm all" , Downes FF1070 effectively has expended all its ammo firing at the incoming missiles, some have been shot down (or not!) others not and have sunk poor Downes.

The questions are:

- In the simulation, the Phalanx is shooting down the incoming missiles, or it's only applied its Point Defense Value, a value unknown to me?

- The Point Defense Value has any relation with the mount field "Auto", what reads "1" in this concrete case?

- If not, the mount field "Auto" is or not implemented on the simulation, and what is its meaning?

- The expression "PointDefense Got'm all" what real meaning has, as many missiles have penetrated the Point Defense?

- The expression DEBUG, what is related in this case?

Perhaps too many question, but many thanks!!!

2024-03-31 Point Defense CIWS Phalanx.png

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