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All Planes in Group not Landing


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During landing of Air Group, AC get locked up and all planes will not land.

Group FiA  landing at captured base Fuzhou, China (CHa) only will land 4 planes. ! plane will never land in game.

The same thing has happened on Carrier Group AEC. Air Groups F1A, IvA, G0A, HXA, AaA, and EtA.

This situation occurs if you exceed the # of runways the base or carrier is rated for.

I attempted to create the same issue in a small test scenario and wasn't able to duplicate the issue.

TonyD and I have both sen this issue. He brought it to my attention.

Attached is a saved game 1 second before the air group lands.

If any additional saved games are needed, please let me know.

Air group EzAis also stuck in the same state landing at base FiA.

Attached are saved game 1 second before air group lands. GE and SE log files. Copy of the db used for this game.

AC Locking Up During Landing.zip

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My computer did not cope well with Eric's large scenario so I wrote a smaller one that while it doesn't match in that it doesn't relate to the number of runways it does confirm that under other conditions the same problem of groups not completing landing occurs.

A test in BS westpac using DB HCDB2-170909 GE 2023.011. zipped scenario file and two game saves.

Scenario is opened and a airgroup consisting of 3 Hawk and 3 Aardvark is launched on a patrol.
Split off from the group are 2 Hawk and 1 Aardvark to be joined again to the original group so that it now consists of 4 units = 1Hawk, 2 Aardvark, 2 Hawk and 1 Ardvark.
The group is ordered RTB.
game save ..... 3a is 2 seconds before landing commences, save .... 3b is 1 sec before landing.

NOTE next post has better gamesaves, these aren't always 1 and 2 second before landing :(

Landing is incomplete and 1 Hawk and 2 Aardvark remain in loiter/landing state until they run dry of fuel.
The landed aircraft include two mysterious units consisting of zero ac and two normal units comprising the landed Hawk and Aardvark.



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revised info from more tests
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