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Ships magazines error

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I don't know if this helps. I have two edtided versions of hcdb2, one form sept 22, one from recently. when used in a test scenario the 2022 comondb is good, the 2023 shows errors in the mag. I have a couple of screen shots here and attach a zip with the two commondb files and the pair of pf files. in the PE the mag looks good.



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5 hours ago, broncepulido said:

As example this test scenario, SA-12 and ASTER 30 batteries don't reload its mounts:

2023-01 KITCHEN GIANT ASTER 30.zip 2.64 kB · 0 downloads

Enrique, I'll have a look at your tests on my game for cross check tonight, if no one beats me to it. (9am here at the moment)


I see it looks like you use a modified HCDB2-170909 MOD database, is that right? it might effect the outcome. I'm doing a quick run with std HCDB2-170909 and see what I get.

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running std hcdb2 170909 I get mounts reloading:


and the mounts are now replenished.

Maybe check if your database when loaded in game has correct magazine. I use either my Toolbox or AIWindow, in toolbox look under surface/sub groups page and select the group then the unit to get unit info including magazine, in AIWindow look under Startgroup page and select group then unit. I don't know any other way of checking in game magazine.

Or post up the database commondb file you are using and I'll run it here.

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6 hours ago, broncepulido said:

Thanks Don, yes I use a modified DB, but theorically the magazines are load with the correct ammo!

Thinking more in the problem ...

Haha, theory vs reality :)

I'm thinking at the moment that the error is in export from PE to commondb, so in the PE the magazine can look good but in the commondb that the GE links to it can be bad. This is what I've seen in a couple of mine that are edited in PE then new commondb file generated by export, and you can't see the error in GE (without extra help from eg toolbox).

It does seem to be a tricky customer this one :D


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11 minutes ago, donaldseadog said:

This is the PE view of magazine for my Hobart F100s, but one export of the database had the magazine corrupted, yet another export of the database and the new (in theory identical I believe) database is good (for Hobart F100). I don't know what is happening

Ugh, so not deterministic, that's going to complicate things.  Can you type out your steps so that someone can try to reproduce?

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YAY, I don't know what I did before but the error seems reproduceable on a second run.

But I started from a bad commondb file, so I'll run it all again starting with a good one.

I have the commondb.res file in base folder and run ge with a simple test scenario with a known bad ship.

I import into a PFData file and the mag looked good, I exported with no changes and the bad mag is still showing up in th egame.

I'm completely baffled. If I start with a commondb.res file that plays in the game with a bad magazine showing up in toolbox and import it into PE it looks good, I export it and in GE it still looks bad, commondb .res file seems to have been updated by time stamp.

If I do the exact things with a commondb file that plays good in GE showing up correct magazine in toolbox, importing into PE it still looks good and exporting to commondb.res it still plays in GE with correct magazine?

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I thought I'd try someting simple and reloaded from HG HCDB2-170909

There is a minor (I think ) error in the mag for RAN Adelaide (07) class, the 12.7mm MG rounds are still there although the MGs mounts have been removed. So I reoved the mg rounds from the magazine and exported to new commondb.res file, but in GE they were still there? So I threw out everything but two weapons from the magazine, exported and guess what, now there are two weapons only in the mag, but not the correct two. Screen shots attached.




Maybe it's not the export function that's in error, maybe it's the editing within PE?

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HINT, I switched to playing with HCCW 100110, a small DB, exports are nearly instant.

I've not found any pattern but what ever the first entry it is hard to get rid of. I did once by starting at the bottom of th emagazine item list and deleting each until all deleted, export and no magaine items. When I repopulated it the order came back with the original first item, not the order in which I entered them.

This is totally bizarre to me.

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