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Tindal Tallyho

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Scenario Background:
In August 2023 it was announced that RAAF Tindal would be upgraded to host USAF B-52 bombers.
In this scenario, which is aimed to be the first in a series, RAAF Tindal hosts not just the USAF B-52 but also thier long range IFR tankers, F/A-18 tankers, F22 fighters and F15 attack aircraft supported by RAAF AEW and maritime patrol and F/A18 and F-35 attack/fighter units. A small RAN surface group is present to patrol close in waters to the north.
The principal task is to provide anti shipping patrols over the numerous seas between Australia and China. Some Chinese air defense is present, but not numerous nor widespsread. Chinese submarine patrols may also be present.
An intersting aspect is the management of RAAF F35 fighters as escort units, and the difficulty in giving them sufficient range (via IFR tankers) to operate away from base.


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