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Names on maps, would they be good

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This is sort of scenario design question, sort of Battleset design question, but as there is no Battleset sub forum I'll bung it here.

What do people think of the concept of having the names of major islands, island groups and seas included on HC texture map for a battleset .

Here is a sample of the sort of thing I'm thinking of:



This is something I did while playing with the HC map to include more of the islands of the south west pacific for my pacific islands battleset.

My thought with the name text is to allow reference in orders to seas, oceans and islands, eg patrol the Banda Sea

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It sounds like a crude beginning but a beginning nonetheless.  I expect the text will only seem a reasonable size on a couple of zoom levels.  With some code slinging it is possible to introduce layers of information (the MapWindow exportdll globe component I use handles layers natively for instance) where the text size could be kept constant regardless of zoom level.


Will you be working up a sample BattleSet for us to take a look?


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