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Attacking neutrals


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Some of us have probably done it, you get a close contact, you know the platform type, maybe even its class, but you don't know its side, is it an enemy or a neutral?

It might in fact be a neutral but due to it's close proximity you blast it! You then find out your mistake but there are no consequences.

If you use my Toolbox, this is about to change, but I have two consequences available:

1/ The attacking group is stood down (in game it is turned into a neutral) and the commander sent off to war crimes trial. (or in the case of attacking a whale something else?)

2/ The attacked group turns against you and becomes an enemy.

OR both?

If the neutral group is destroyed in the attack (or is an organic) then 2/ is mute. If the attacking group is an airgroup then it returns (as a neutral) to it's home base and goes thru the normal ready time to become available again (so no great inconvenience) but if a ship or sub etc it will remain a neutral for the rest of the game. If a scenario is written with this in mind then I think some rather cleaver neutral groups could be included.

Does anyone have any ideas on the best of these consequences to use?

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4 hours ago, broncepulido said:

Number 2/ for me. In fact thinking for years on it, mostly about neutral submarines launching torpedoes to the blue/red side attacking it.

Thanks for your input Enrique.

Yes to me this is important. The 'test' version I have operating does this. I think it gives a lot more purpose to having neutral platforms in a scenario.

This test version does also include a temporary removal from player control any aircraft that conduct the attack by turning them to neutral until they RTB (generally when they go bingo, but I've not fully tested this), the purpose here is mostly to inconvenience the player in the case they fire upon a non combatant, eg an organic - probably we have all blown up innocent whales.

One limitation, at the moment, is that I am 'triggering' from an intentional attack on a neutral platform (this is usually before identifying it's side, so it is yellow on the screen) but perhaps in the future I can extend this to 'accidental' hits where for example a missiles hits a neutral without being aimed at it.

If you'd like a 'pre release version' to play with and provide more comment let me know.


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