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Land attack (only) missiles hitting sea platforms.

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Land attack (only) missiles are hitting sea platforms.

(another TonyD, Eric70, donaldseadog adventure)

zip pack includes saved game LAM1.hpq and the scenario file, LAMissile-hcdb-Westpac,from which it has played, the xml file and the GE from a play of the saved game.
In the saved game start a flight of three skipjack bombers have attacked the AD AAm with three vollies of KentC Land Attack missiles, and RTB. This plane /loadout combo can't directly attack sea groups( tested seaprately).
The outcome varies with different plays but invariably some Kent over run the AD (or the AD is destroyed) and go on to hit the ship Xiangyanghong 21.

The Kent shouldn't attack sea platforms, and maybe shouldn't attack their own side.

Played with GE 2023.008, database is hcdb-150929, and battleset westpac.

It is believed that this has been occurring in previous game versions.


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When testing with Don's Scenario I have found that the actions of the land missiles seem to depend on the quality of the sensor detection and the condition of the original target. When firing missile from to units at the target but only one target per unit both destroyed the target and no hits on ships occurred. When both attacking units targeted both AD units the first missiles to get there destroyed both targets. When the second unit reach target location it seems to change that location to a BOL activation destination and those missiles would fly on and lock onto the ships and attack them instead. As TonyE said they were quite the little overachievers. In one case the first missile set failed to hit assigned target but the second did kill it. No ships were targeted even though the missile flew by the ships. I also notice that if the lock was not solid the missiles would reach the target area and revert to what seems a BOL activation point and kill ships instead.

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My initial thoughts bearing in mind that we are simulating a wide range of missiles using a very small number of inputs:

1. The player should not be able to launch the land attack missile (LAM) against ships.  This seems to be the case.

2. The missiles once launched should be able to hit ships.  An inertially only guided weapon would almost never hit a moving ship.  An early generation radar guided missile could easily hit a ship.  A modern guided missile could be launched with instruction to ignore ships or hit specific ships if they happen to come within seeker range.

3. The missiles once launched should be able to hit any side's units including friendlies.  Again, this would depend on the particular guidance method(s), recent missiles could be launched to only attack very specific targets and avoid blue on blue yet most weapons until recently would go ahead and attack friendly units.


Please keep discussing what should happen.  I appreciate the opening position saying that the missiles should not hit ships.

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I'm thinking that if aimed at a land target this type of missile should at least hit the ground somewhere near the target, with its ph probability of hitting it. I don't see they should be cruising off long distances past the target then hitting something. But open to other opinions.

If the final hit is within a localised distance from the target, eg a different unit within the targets group (irrespective of sea land), then I'd think that reasonable.

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