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GE crashes with out any warning.

This has happened several time in about the same spot in the game.

I have included the last 5 game saves 1 second apart. If more saved games are needed please let me know.

The zip file includes GE log, db and saved games.

let me know if you need any additional information.


GE Crash 2023.006.zip

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Confirmed as an issue.  The error is happening in ProcessSinkingShipEvent where the unit with uuid ebf57315-6d82-4ea0-a898-d4a36083be58 should be sunk but there is only one unit in the group VOS associated with the event and that unit doesn't have that uuid.  Interestingly, the single unit in VOS is also sinking or already sank.  

My first alternative approach will be to see if there is still a unit with that uuid in a different group and if there is, sink that one.  This all is a result of adding uuids to events and from a programming perspective is a possitive sign since before the uuid work, this event most likely would have sunk the wrong unit.

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There is no unit in the scenario at the time of the error with the expected uuid so just added additional code to stop trying to sink it and put a line in ge.log instead.  "Unit with uuid==ebf57315-6d82-4ea0-a898-d4a36083be58 is already gone, can't sink it"

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Fix coded for 2023.007

- Chg:32936 GE Game crashed in ProcessSinkingShipEvent when the unit to sink 
                could not be found.  This is a more likely occurrence since
                uuids were added to HarpoonEvents.  The code has been
                modified to first look for the unit in the specified group,
                then fall back to finding the unit irrespective of the
                group, then if the unit is still not found, fail
                gracefully by not trying to sink the already gone
                (thanks eeustice)

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