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After leaving TonyD and I alone for 15 minutes we found an issue with the 2023.003 version of the SE.

When selection weapons on a plane at an air base the SE Crashes.

When selecting Sensor on a ship or a sub the SE crashes.

Crashes verified by TD and myself with various db's and scenarios.

Included in the Zip file is a small scenario, latest db and the SE log file.


2023.003 SE Crash.zip

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Confirmed.  Start the SE, choose WestPac BS, go to the Platform Display, select Aircraft, and try to look at the loadouts of any aircraft.  

Error in UnitDisplayDlg, UnitDisplayParam is null so UnitDisplayParam->disk_id cannot be passed to HandleLoadoutReport.

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Fix coded

HCE - 2023.005 - 2023-04-07
- Chg:32897 SE Fixed crash when trying to look at plane loadouts.  Some of
                the country index variables hadn't previously been expanded
                from char to ulong like they should have been.
                (thanks eeustice)

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