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Upon loading a saved game using the 2023.001 GE scenario crashed.

Starting a new game with scenario and db loaded fine.

Opened scenario in the SE without any issues.

Attached is a saved game, GE log file, latest db.

If you need anything else please let me know!

2023.001 Update Saved Game Load Crash.zip

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Can you try again with fewer ExportDLLs?  I was able to load the saved game with AutoSaves and GroupIdManager enabled.

Logging begins.  Version = 2023.001, Build Date = Mar 30 2023, Build Time = 14:53:52
    Windows Version = 10.0 (22621)
0 winmain.c:321 - Iterative saving GameTime activated. Save every 1 game seconds.  Saves before overwriting=255
0 winmain.c:355 - BattleSet Specified: 26
0 winmain.c:414 - Saved Game Specified: C:\Games\HC\2023.001 Update Saved Game Load Crash\Test 3-75.hpq
0 winmain.c:440 - Database RES Specified: C:\Games\HC\2023.001 Update Saved Game Load Crash\commondb.res
0 winmain.c:496 - Game Options Specified: 011111110
0 winmain.c:553 - done processing arguments.  Activating logging for:
0 winmain.c:557 -     ac_ai
0 winmain.c:573 -     load
0 winmain.c:607 - GE is C:\Prog\Projects\HC\GE\Debug\Winharp32.exe
0 DLLExport.c:273 - ExportDLL Loaded: AutoSaves.dll Interface Ver: 34 DLL Ver: 2 DLL Desc: AutoSaves Manager DLL by Tony Eischens
0 DLLExport.c:273 - ExportDLL Loaded: GroupIdManager.dll Interface Ver: 34 DLL Ver: 9 DLL Desc: lazarus Testbed for creating and auditing group ids by Tony Eischens


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What I found was that if an old scenario is opened in the 2023.001 SE then saved, it crashes the 2023.001 GE.

Attached is a file that is original GUIK scenario 1 opened in the 2023.001 SE (opened as a battleset scenario) then saved-as (with no changes).

When I run it from GE 2023.001 there is an instant crash.

Doing a similar with other 'old' scenarios (which open in 2023.001 GE) also seems to result in an non-running scenario.

Tested with no export.dll running.


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Don, if you are still having your issue with 2023.002, please post that up as a new issue.  I could not and still cannot reproduce Eric's issue when I used just the two listed ExportDLLs.

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