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exception error type_aa


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This occurred in GE 2022.016 but repeated (different scenario) GE 2022.20

Error isn't reproduced in saved game from 1 and 4 seconds prior.

GE.LOG file attached in zip, line 689,553 (game time 109392) shows:

109392 Combat5.c:1580 - G AMA:AirAttacker: ZZr.. AirTargetType = (a symbol not copied)
109392 Combat5.c:1602 - G ZZr:target_type = 1, range=4, bearing=88
109392 Combat5.c:1704 - after case, gflag=0, wrange=143, WR.weapon_range=143, attack type (type_aa)=0

Note the attacker is an F16 loaded with pavewave bomb 4 m range. (maybe a help, maybe a herring?)

Scenario and two saved games from -1 and -4 seconds included. played in custom battle set with in built database included.



109392 Combat5.c:1791 - wrange Was TRUE, which means WR.weapon_range was TRUE
109392 Combat5.c:1803 - Having Staff ask Sir, the effective attack range for these aircraft is 143 NM.  Target range is 4 NM.  Should we close and attack?


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