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recently while works was done with future data base It was notice on the base selection popup almost all bases only highlighted Blue for Named bases and Red for almost all ZZdonotuse base. It did not matter which color was selected for base creation. The create a base popup determined the color of the base created regardless of the country base popup's color. In short if you selected create red base in pop up screen and chose the only available blue base listed that you wanted it would still be a red base upon selection. This happened with ZZdonotuse red labeled bases if create blue base was selected. The base would be a blue base. It seems only to happen to DB 17909. Attach is the images during the process used. The first image is creat a base which red is red. The second image show a blue base Bejing selected but a red base Bejing is created. The reverse happens if create a blue base is selected and a red ZZdonotuse base is select it will become a blue base. SE version 2022.008 by me and Eric had same result while Ralf using 2022.005 was the first to notice the issue.


Create a base selection. .png

Base selection.png

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Update: Decided to check any possible difference between 17909 and 15928. Finding unlike 15928 base which has both a red and blue base present. 17909 has only one so it seems the issue is just showing what the DBs present leaving base color to creating a base while reducing number of base present in the DB to only one each while color column having to effect on selection. Not sure if removing color column would have any effect on SE base selection. That is above my paygrade.


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I fall into the camp of "Not an isssue" on this one.  The zzz entries indicate that the DB author is holding those entries for future use but back then one couldn't have a gap in AnnexIDs so the zzz approach was used.  The expectation is the base is the bare minimums and any defenses would be added as separate units in the base group's formation.


Am I missing something?  At most I'm seeing a feature request here to remove the side column but that would require DB author's to agree that they wouldn't configure defenses per side so it is something I would be unlikely to prioritize for development.

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