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Hey TonyE

Was playing the Block 2 Mediterranean Scenario and came upon a BOA crash event. 

Version 2022.006

Scenario Block 2 

Battleset Med 2003

DB 15928

Upon launching a group or Growlers with decoy I launched them at a base with the expected results. I also did the same with a group of F18E with slammers with the expected results

I then tried to use BOA attacks of which both ordinance I believe are capable of.

In both case the believe attached png was the result and upon clicking any button shut down the game.

I have attached a test scenario for testing.

I simply launched both set of aircrafts to attack red base directly. I then use a bearing only attack at the base and receive the error provided in the test file provided.




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Tony, I played it a couple of times and did not see the issue surface.  Can you zip and post your GE.log from after the heap corruption error when the game closes?  Perhaps I'm not replicating your configuration of the game well enough.  Heap corruption can also be very tricky to debug so if anyone else can replicate TonyD's problem, please chime in.

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14 minutes ago, TonyE said:

 if anyone else can replicate TonyD's problem, please chime in.

Then again I also did a regular attack, not BOL, will try again tomorrow.

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Ok ran it again to get a fresh GE.log.

Launch two flights each containing one Growler and one F18e. One was sent directly to attack the red base the other sent to patrol halfway to red base.

Allowed direct attack to be completed no problem.

Did BOA attack with both planes sent to patrol point. Received error messages and upon hitting any options game closed.

Sending message received and the recent GE.log.

Thanks again




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I tried running the test scenario this morning and could not duplicate the issue.

One thing I saw in my test was that as soon as the Growler took off the base was detected. 

Second test I was able to launch missiles at the base before it was detected.

Neither time did the GE crash. Second try was only with the Growler.

Ran the scenario a 3rd time with just the F-18 and got a message no land attack weapons available. Base was detected right at launch again.

The only thing I can think of that might cause a problem is if you try and launch a weapon that is not made for the type of contact before contact is detected.

Ran the scenario again with just the F-18 and did not detect the base at launch and got the same no land attack weapon message again.

Tried the scenario again and the F-18's wanted to attack the base with guns. No missiles were launched.

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Hey Eric

Did you get the result with doing a Bearing only launch also?

Strange you got land attack weapon available as the F18E were equip with Slammers which are for both land and sea?

That seems to be another issue?



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6 hours ago, donaldseadog said:


I hit Ignore button and got a second crack but second time around game closed.



Hey Donald

Thanks for giving it a run.

Seems you received the same treatment I also got.

Regardless of which option to Abort Retry or Ignore I also got a chance to launch but upon choosing weapons and attempting launch ended with same results. 

I have your tools running but I have never had that happen before so unlikely that would contribute in anyway but thought I would add that for TonyE to consider.




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Attempted fix in 2022.008

HCE - 2022.008 - 2022-05-21
- Chg:32297 GE Fixed heap corruption in BOL.  The game was trying to come up
             with a class name for the activation point 'group' which isn't
             possible.  When class name is requested for an invalid annex_id
             the game now sets it to a null string.  (thanks TonyD)

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