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Harpoon: Captain's Edition


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Yay!  A number of us have written modified rules for Captain's Edition over the years, mixing Red Banner in, etc.  I think Captain's Edition drives a valuable pattern of thinking in game rule design.  Captain's Edition isn't quite enough but with a few tweaks, one really can learn a lot about Modern Naval Warfare without the potentially off-putting depth of Harpoon 3, IV, V.

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I uploaded a new version of Harppon: Captain's Edition to the Vassal website.

Version 1.1 - Requires Vassal Version 3.6.7 or later.

  • Now can host up to 2 NATO and 2 Soviet players.
  • Added graphics for depicting ship/aircraft sensor ranges.
  • Added an Invisible trait to counters to support double-blind play.
  • Added a Referee player to support double-blind play.
  • All counters except missiles are on player-specific counter sheet windows.
  • Flown aircraft will automatically return to the base Ready Aircraft box when the Next Turn button is pressed.

Harpoon: Captain's Edition Vassal Module

Example Solitaire Playthrough

Example Head to Head Playthrough

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