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Permission to Come Aboard


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Just purchased it again and thought I'd say Hello! Have it installed and just familiarizing myself again with the game and its changes.

One question - Do I need to install the updates listed for the game or are they included in the new purchase install package?

I started playing Harpoon way back in 89 or 90 I believe on my old Tandy 1000TX. However, I haven't played it in a very long time.
Just got interested in it again due to the Moskva incident in Ukraine and a simulation of it posted on Youtube using DCS.
Did a search for Harpoon and was happy to see that it is still available and supported. Already used the board to resolve an issue with windows not sizing properly, Thank you for that!

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Welcome Back. To get to the latest beta version go to HC beta testing then general and then to current files. It will explain after loading the game to 2009.50 how to get to the latest version. The latest version will be needed to play the latest scenarios. 

Also some scenarios will require a specific DB or data base mainly the 17909 to run. 

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