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Game freezes if bad patrol sector made in group formation editor


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The attached (zipped) example uses westpac battleset, HCDB 150929 database and GE 2022.0.0.4

open test scenario BadPatrolSector.scq, select blue base, open formation editor (F4) set an air patrol but when clicking the mouse to set the sector have it over the edge of the extreme perimeter of the formation pattern. You can get a selection that is a complete pie section including the inner circle (which is wrong). See the BadPatrolSector.jpg graphic for the effect you're after. Where the boxed air icon sits is where I clicked the mouse to set the patrol.

Execute the formation. This will then be similar to the zipped saved game.

In about 50 secs the game will freeze.



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Fixed in 2022.006.  Nice find and one that doesn't exist in the SE (though in the SE a person can't select multiple rings with the initial placement).

- Chg:32081 GE Creating a formation patrol while holding down shift key for
                initial placement would include the Main Body ring, which
                should not be allowed.  Fixed (thanks donaldseadog)

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