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File - GroupIdManager


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HC ExportDLL for managing Group Ids.  This overrides the GE's stock
 behavior and represents a core/required ExportDLL.

To assign Group Ids and manage the supply of Group Ids

Original Author:
 Anthony Eischens


Compiled with:
 Lazarus 2.0.8

Third party controls:
 Stratsims OSS shared pascal code

MIT (see License.txt) 

GroupIdManager 20220207 HC 2022.005+
 Incremented DLL Version to 2
 Incremented ExportDLL Interface version minimum to 31
 Assign Blue Group Ids from AA to Mz and aA to mz.
 Assign Red Group Ids from Zz to NA and zz to nA.
 Assign Greed Group Ids from 0A to 9z.
 Recycle used Group Ids.
 Note, the pools of group ids no longer overlap so
  you won't see a Blue group ZZ? or a Red group AA?

GroupIdManager 202202## HC 2022.003+
 Incremented DLL Version to 1
 Initial release to create manage and assign Group Ids.


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