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Dark Water color change?


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I'm sorry if this issue was raised before, but I tried using the forum search and didn't find anything.

Why was the dark water color option changed from Harpoon 2003 v16b3 to 2015-027?

The old dark


The new dark

Am I the only one having trouble with distinguishing blue force icons on this newer dark blue water hue?

The light color option is far too bright and tiring to stare at for any extended period of time, while this darker option makes the game borderline unplayable when controling the blue side.

Why was it changed, when the dark option in the old Harpoons was a good balance between brightness and icon contrast?

Can I change some config file to get the old hue?

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Nice catch!  You may be the only person using the dark water color ;).  I'll tinker a bit and see what I can do.  There is no configuration value but there is no reason there can't be at some point.  As to why the blue changed, that goes back to the early days of the game when 256 colors was a big deal.  Strangely the color palette was defined by the colors present in one of the logo images.  Over the years those logo images changed.  That meant some of those colors changed and it probably at the root of the dark water color changing.

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Note to self:

Dial4.c hbrWater = CreateSolidBrush(RGB(0, WaterColor ? 192 : 255, 255));

LightBlue is WaterColor = 0 means RGB(0, 255, 255) which is light blue

DarkBlue is WaterColor = 1 means RGB(0, 192, 255) which is dark blue but the actual 0, 192, 255 is not present in the palette so we get the way darker/wrong blue.

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