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File - Operation Veiled Persona, Operation Veiled Temple

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Operation Veiled Persona, Operation Veiled Temple

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Operation Veiled Persona and Operation Veiled Temple

Two renditions of the B. I. Hutchenson HDSIII NACV penultimate, "Air Force 1," except this time the scene is the Med, and The Comrades are on the run.

Blue is tasked with...well...blowing stuff up, akin to Red's orders in the aformentioned scenario. 

Red's task is to survive...and blow stuff up. Specifically, capital cities. 

Operation Veiled Temple is a retrospective version of Persona, using older platforms whenever they could be sensibly interjected. 

Easter Egg Warning: One of the possible targets for Blue is near the former city of Prypyat. Also there is a miniscule, but real chance 

The Vilnius Schoolmaster may offer his services to Blue, in a location where namewise, his ship should feel most at home. 

Red needs to negate Blue's SSBN's, so this hint can add a little leveling. 

Happy Blowing Stuff Up, I mean Harpooning

Purrastroika, 22 Jan, 2022


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