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After launching and setting AC to patrol at high altitude, when aircraft reaches patrol location speed goes to 0kts.

Attached is a saved game just before the AC reaches it patrol location as well as the scenario created for the test. GE log has been included.

If you need any additional info, please let me know.

0kts Loitering.zip

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I think I've seen that too

I'm currently seeing it in a large game and what I'm seeing is airgroups just seem to be stopping at 0 kts I think where they had a course change programed.

I'm also seeing some crashing after an assertion failed warning so I'll start looking at some smaller scenarios to see if its still happening there.


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more info
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Attached zip includes test scenario file and a game save.

GE 2021.014, HCDB2 1709009, westpac BS, scenario written with latest SE

saved game starts at time 23:31 minutes, at 24:10 - 24:11 the blue plane reaches a course point where it changes direction and altitude, it goes to 0 kts loiter.



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Thanks donaldseadog, that allowed me to track down the problem quickly.  Fixed for 2022.001.

HCE - 2022.001 - 2022-01-##
- Chg:31956 GE Fixed a zero kts loitering bug that TonyE did NOT create <g>. 
                 This was a result of AltSpeed Events that came in with a change
                  to throttle but the new speed set to -1.  It was correct to
                  set the speed to -1 in the event, the code should have
                  been looking up valid speeds for the group or unit and 
                  applying that speed.  The code now does that.
                  (thanks eeustice, donaldseadog)

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