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File - WPac - Taiwan Strait Transit

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Taiwan Strait Transit

The aim is to transit a group of international ships the length of the Straight between Taiwan and Mainland China.
Expect resistance to this transit by Chinese aircraft from both shore and ship based groups.
You need:database HCDB2-170909, Westpac Battleset and  HUCE version minimum 2015.008, 2021.009 preferred.
Game intensity is moderate and significant time can be spent at accelerated time settings if desired.


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Every now and again I 'break' or 'enhance' the scenario file format.  I write code that converts older scenarios to the new format but don't write code to allow newer scenarios to run in older versions of the game.  That is what happened here, donaldseadog wrote the scenario with a very recent scenario editor (SE) resulting in a scenario that needs to be run with a version of the game 2021.009 or newer.

You can always follow along at.  I follow that topic as well as the Recent Files in the HC Beta Testing area.  Doing the same will give you a heads' up when a new build is posted.  The late 2021 builds appear to be game changing with some functionality with formations working for the first time ever.


Here is an abbreviated history:

// Scenario version number needs to be updated when changes have been made to typedefs, etc.
//unsigned long ScenarioVersion = 2; // harpoon 2002+
//unsigned long ScenarioVersion = 3; // harpoon 2015.008 Custom unit name flag, Scenario Start DateTime, AI follow-path flag, Air total fuel available for tanking
//unsigned long ScenarioVersion = 4; // harpoon 2017.008 Starting to add UUIDs to structures
//unsigned long ScenarioVersion = 5; // harpoon 2017.011 Had forgotton AIR_PATROL (formation) event converter in v004
//unsigned long ScenarioVersion = 6; // harpoon 2020.008 Had forgotton INTERMITTENT_SENSOR event converter in v004, SPEED_ALT event converter part-way thru v003
unsigned long ScenarioVersion = 7;  // harpoon 2021.009 VictoryConditions changes for VicStatus tracking

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