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2021.009, if no total victory set and neutrals in game destroy all enemy doesn't give total victory


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3 hours ago, TonyE said:

Run this by me again please.  Which victory conditions have been met? [side & level]

Do you have a test scenario and save you can provide for me to reproduce?

Thanks Don

I'll post a game save tonight, I was in westpac scenario 1, only blue side minimum victory conditions are set in scenario. I met minimum but played on and destroyed all red to test if blue total victory would be granted (I interpret your run down of changes to mean it should) but no total victory granted. Neutrals still exist and I pondered if that was related.

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Looking further I don't think there is a problem, I'd thought that the recent changes included that a total victory was going to be awarded if a side met minimum victory and there was no total victory conditions defined but the player destroyed all enemy, but it appears to be as before, to get total victory the total victory conditions must be defined in the scenario and met.


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What should have happened is that if Blue met minimum victory before Red and the game clock ran out, there should have been an end of game dialog that proclaimed Blue the winner since they met their minimum VC first.

You are correct though, a logic change was to evaluate Total Victory conditions for a side that doesn't have Minimum Victory Conditions.  There is no facility to declare total victory if there are no Total Victory conditions.

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