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Simplot unit tracking number / ID numbers

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Hi all,

I'm trying to help the umpire in a scenario he is adjudicating on simplot. I have a bit of knowledge in manipulating JSON so I though ti'd try to lend him a hand creating units with their weapons and sensors prefilled. 

I'm having a problem understanding how the tracking number is iterated, when I create a new unit it doesn't show up on the map, due I believe to the lack of the proper tracking number.

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The unit's Track Number is a four digit number starting at a random point and incremented by one. The internal UnitId property starts at 001 and increments by one for each new unit. The UnitId is also prefixed by a letter indicating the type of unit.

You can create units using a blank scenario and export them (Units/Export menu item). Send the JSON file to your friend. Your friend can then import the unit (using the Units/Import menu item). The UnitId and Track Number will be assigned at the time of importation.

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