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Following the devastating Sigma variant wave in late 2022, the world started recovering again in 2023. The skirmish along the Russian-Ukrainian border in early 2022 served as reminder that the pandemic was not the only concern. The European Union, exiting the pandemic more divided than ever before, was too weak to keep its cohesion, losing Finland and Sweden in 2023 and Romania in 2024. Norway, Sweden and Finland formed the Northern Block in late 2022, while Romania aligned itself with the Russian-friendly Ukrainian government. Following the Vaccine Shortage Unrest of Warsaw, a state of civil war erupted in Poland. The EU tried to intervene but was warned Russia than any intervention so close to its borders would be met with a Russian response. When evidence surfaced that it was the FSB that sabotaged the two truckloads of vaccines destined for the Warsaw population, it was already too late. The United States of America, their hands full trying to put down the civil unrest in Mexico and preventing it from spilling over the border, were too busy looking elsewhere. The newly formed Russian-Chinese Alliance grasped its chance.


Scenario 1 of the WWIII series


To be played only from the BLUE side


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A couple of requests:

1. Can you post as a zip file instead of a 7-zip file?  While I'm a big fan of 7-zip, a lot of users will not have the ability to unzip the file.

2. Please include orders files (1GIUK.BLm, 1GIUK.RDm) that you can create in the Orders Writer application, OrdWrite.exe.

Happy to help if needed and thank you for posting a scenario!

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I called a truce, they agreed :)

About 7 hours game time continually working frantically ...

no time for strategy, or  planning beyond air superiority (took a while to achieve)

[Kill Detail Blue Side ]
Eurofighter 17/Plane=15
F-35A Lightning II 20/Plane=9
Tornado ECR 13/Plane=11
KC-46A Pegasus 18/Plane=6
Tornado IDS LW 13/Plane=8
Mirage 2000-5F 07/Plane=4
Rafale C F3R 19/Plane=4

[Kill Summary Blue Side ]

[Kill Detail Red Side ]
Su-35S Flanker E/Plane=44
F-16CJ52+ Falcon 17/Plane=72
Mobile radar medium range/AD Mobile=2
J-31 Gyrfalcon 18/Plane=48
Su-27SM Flanker B 05/Plane=14
Su-24M2 Fencer D 09/Plane=42
Su-24MP Fencer F 92/Plane=7
Su-25SM3 Frogfoot 16/Plane=9
Su-33M Flanker D/Plane=15
SAM SA-3b Goa Bty/AD Mobile=6
Su-30SM Flanker G 13/Plane=18
Su-34 Fullback 16/Plane=18
MiG-29 Fulcrum A 89/Plane=12
Ka-27M Helix A 17/Helicopter=6
Sovremennyy (956A/92)/Ship=1
Tu-160M Blackjack 16/Plane=4
J-15 Flying Shark 16/Plane=12
J-20 Mighty Dragon 18/Plane=6
Su-30MK2 Flanker G 09/Plane=9
Tu-22M3M Backfire C 16/Plane=6
Steregushchiy Pr2038 07/Ship=1
Neustrashimyy (1154)/Ship=2

[Kill Summary Red Side ]
AD mobile:=8


A few damaged red bases and ships on top of that,


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