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SimPlot - SimPlot File Converter for Win10


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SimPlot File Converter for Win10

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This application will convert SimPlot 2.0 scenario files to the SimPlot 2.2+ standard. The converter will create the equivalent of a scenario setup file. This means the starting units will be positioned, named, typed, and course/speed/altitude/depth values preserved. The scenario start time will be the same as the original. Also, the assigned map will still be usable.

Some limitations:

  • The file created will not re-create an entire game played using 2.0. Only the first turn setup will be preserved.
  • The new scenario file will not include range arcs/circles, perceptions, or bearings since they are not compatible with 2.2+.

To use:

  1. Download and extract the converter application. You may place it anywhere, even in the SimPlot folder.
  2. Run the application. It consists of just one window.
  3. Enter the date of the scenario using the date picker. (2.0 scenarios did not have a date, just a starting time.)
  4. Press the choose file button to select the 2.0 file to be converted.
  5. A file named "NewReferee.json" will be created in the scenario's folder. That is your new scenario file for 2.2+.



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This creates a "NewReferee.json" but there does not appear to be anything there when I open it. Tried converting a 2.0 and then opening with 2.2.3 (just downloaded 22Jul2021).

EDIT: Belay my last... It IS there if I go open 2.2.3 directly and then load the scenario. Thanks for the converter by the way!!

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