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Hello, I have been editing an user scenario and I have only the intercept option when an enemy air stack is detected. I would like to have also an scramble icon when an enemy air stack is detected. The idea I have got in mind is very similar to launch air icon.

For example, playing blue side, I have 24 norwegian F-16AM detached at Orland airbase. I have a pair of AAW patrols composed by 4 fighters each, 1/3 of the total air wing placed in Orland. 8 fighters at AAW duty, 16 fighters at reserve duty. Then, some planes (24 Su-27, 36 Su-24) approaches to attack Orland airbase. The 8 fighters set at AAW patrol duty are few to intercept and shoot down all of the russian planes. So, if there would be an scramble icon we can order the 16 fighters at reserve duty to take off and scramble the enemy air wing of 24 fighters and 36 attack planes. It is like launch air icon so you can do it manually.

Why do we want another icon of scramble duty? Playing with the red side, fighters shoot down every fighters (8) at AAW patrol but there isn´t another patrol launched from Orland airbase because I AI didn´t perform the intercept duty. The blue AI doesn´t launch any fighter group to intercept the attacking group. Although you can do it manually but the AI can´t do it.

The problem is that it is too easy to attack an enemy group or base with overwhelming air stack. So the AI side needs an scramble/launch air option more than human side.

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Good Evening,

If I remember correctly the AI only launches AC and attacks for the non player side.

The player side has to set up all their patrols manually. When you first time you launch a patrol you can select Repeat Patrol and the AI should launch a new patrol after the last one lands.

What I have seen in the scenarios I have created is that the AI launches AC based on the number of groups the player launches.

If I remember correctly, TonyE told me that making even small adjustments to the AI can cause major changes to how the game plays.

I create and play very large scenarios. The AI seem to launch single plane groups in response to the launching my air patrols.

If you setup a formation patrol on a base or Task Group and if you have Auto Formation Patrols enabled at the start of the game, the TG or base will launch replacement AC patrols. ASW patrols work pretty good.

On top of everything I think the AI cheats!


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