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Scenario Editor Will not save


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I have tried using this for small changes to a scenario, large changes and twice to create new scenarios but each time I try to save the scenario I get the following error and the editor closes without saving.  I have downloaded and installed all updates but error persists...

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Thanks for contacting us.

The image that you placed on the forum is not viewable.

If possible can you zip a screen shot of the message you get and upload the file to the Forum.

There are Beta updates to Harpoon Commander's Edition located on the forum at the link below:


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Thanks for the update.

Can you let us know what Battle Set you are using. It looks one of the GIUK Battle Sets.

Is this a scenario that you created or one from the Battle Set that you are trying to edit?

Please provide as much information as you can.

I would like to see if we can duplicate your issue.

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Agreed, we need more information about your setup ohstop.  I had sent you an installer in January with version 2021.001 but in your issue reports you tagged 2015.027.  It can help to attach the se.log file for scenario editor issues and the ge.log file for game issues so se.log in this case. 


Thank you

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