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Which ATA Gun Values to Use?

Onkle Karl

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Set up - An A-6E launches 2 Harpoon IC at a Kara class Soviet CG.  The Harpoon will reach the Kara in 5 segments (2.5 minutes).  The Kara detected it and rolled poorly on the Combat System Reaction table getting a total reaction time of 6 segments.  So, the Harpoon will reach the Kara before the Kara can react with its Osa-M or Shtorm SAM systems.  The Kara is broadside to the incoming Harpoons and, as such, has a 76mm gun and at least one 30mm CIWS that can shoot at the Harpoons.

The Kara's MR-600 3D radar saw the Harpoons at launch, the MPZ-301 LAS radar for the Osa-M, the 4R60 Grom radar for the Shtorm, the MR-105 director for the 76mm, and the MR-123 director for the 30mm CIWS all picked up the Harpoons on the way in.  Pretty much every sensor on the Kara can see the Harpoons when they get into gun range.

Question -  I get that the SAMs haven't figured everything out and can't shoot.  My question is with the guns.  The ATA rating on the 76mm is a 2.0 with the director and 0.63 without.  The ATA rating on the 30mm CIWS is a 5.4 with the director and a 1.54 without.

Are the gun directors tied into the Combat System Reaction table result?  In other words, because the Kara can't react in my example above does that mean that the gun directors can't react either?

If the gun directors can't act in the example above I'm assuming that all guns would fire with local control (i.e. the 76mm using its 0.63 ATA and the 30mm using its 1.54 ATA).  Is that correct?

Am I missing something basic in the rules and I have the above all wrong?


Thanks for any help.

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As long as the air threat is known to the ship (in this case radar detection), then your guns can fire with directors when the missiles reach the Point defense range.  See 8.1.3 and 8.1.4 (CIWS).  The CS reaction delay applies to SAM systems under 8.1.1.

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