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To use: Extract the files to your ExportDLLs folder then start the game.  A separate window will appear.  When a base/Installation is destroyed, you can refresh the list of groups on that separate window (the lazarus Turncoat window), select the group, unit, then choose the new side alignment.  The unit will be undestroyed, runways re-established, and group's side changed.


HC ExportDLL for reviving destroyed Installations and switching the side to which they belong.

for reviving destroyed Installations and potentially
 switching the side to which they belong.

Original Author:
 Anthony Eischens


Compiled with:
 Lazarus 2.0.8

Third party controls:
 Stratsims OSS shared pascal code

MIT (see License.txt) 

lazTurncoat 20200824 HC 2020.009+
 Incremented DLL Version to 1
 Incremented DLL Interface version to 23
 First version
 The user should not switch the sides of an installation
  until it is destroyed.  This is to prevent orphaned Harpoon
  Events and other game structures.  If there is enough demand,
  that limitation could be removed in the future.


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I forget you had make a new build and that corrected my error. I have put it to both HCDB and HCBII and it works. So with Eric's DB it seems to have not problems yet seen. I have also went and transferred aircraft to the reclaim bases with no problems.

Rainman you will I believe and found out will have to be up to date with the latest build  found in HC beta testing-general- current files to have this work. I believe it is 2020.009.

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Version 3 uploaded

lazTurncoat 20211231 HC 2020.009+
 Incremented DLL Version to 3
 Fixed a crash bug in StartGroup to update the frmMain.PStartGroup
  pointer before refreshing the group list.  Otherwise one could
  try to create a list of installations based on an invalid
  head group in the game, hence crash (thanks eeustice)

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lazTurncoat 20230331 HC 2023.001+
 Incremented DLL Version to 5
 No functionality change, just updated to
  indicate ExportDLL interface v34 so 
  that the ExportDLL will work in HC 2023.001+

This version will only work with HC 2023.001 or newer.

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