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Buying Harpoon Ultimate Edition on sale


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Gidday Gidday all,

Downloaded the free demo of HCE and its fun with a very friendly user interface.

Am interested in buying Harpoon Ultimate Edition but in New Zealand dollars it is $104.99.

Presumably Matrix has sales when one could pick up it cheaper.

Any one know how many times a year it goes on sale?

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The Christmas/holiday sale is the big one.  During the 2019 holiday sale the game was just under $10 USD.  Matrix runs various other promotions during the year which I've seen hit about 30% off (as general coupons, not Harpoon specific).  What version did you last purchase?  (HC2002, HC Gold/2003, Harpoon Commander's Edition/HCE, or Harpoon Ultimate/HUCE)?  I assume not HUCE or you wouldn't be looking to buy it again.

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The Matrix Holiday sale is underway.  In the U.S. store, the game is on sale for $9.60!  Grab a copy or three, we have great things coming in 2021 and 2022 starting with the expansion from a maximum number of countries in the database to over a thousand from just over a hundred!


Larry Bond's Harpoon - Ultimate Edition - Game - Matrix Games

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