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how to use ACCESS-97 data base with office 365


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I've been using ACCESS-97 data base. However, when I upgraded to Win10, it would not support my ancient version of OFFICE. I have now installed the latest version of OFFICE 365. I don't need ACCESS 365. Microsoft, in their wisdom. only installs in total ( can't take only some components of OFFICE 365). The new version won't use the ACCESS-97 format. The run time software that comes with HCE won't run if a version of ACCESS is already installed. I do use WORD and EXCEL; or I would just uninstall OFFICE 365

Does anyone have any suggestions to get around this conundrum?


Gene Smith

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Hi Gene, do you have a version of Office 365 that includes MS Access (almost known as Access 2019)?  If so, you should be in luck as I brought the Platform Editor (PE) up to snuff some years back to work in newer versions of Access, and the 64-bit versions for fun as well.  If you do have Access as part of your subscription, I can convert your data for you.

What version of the game are you running?  (i.e. 2009.050, 2019.003, …)  That will impact the solution somewhat as well.

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Hi Mel and Tony,

Sorry about not replying sooner. I've been offline for a week.

As a starter, I do have Mel's first recommendation... an old XP machine as a backup to deal with the Platform Editor and the Scenario Editor ( necessary with GE version 2009.050 ). This solution is not really convenient, involving making room for the XP machine, powering it up and then transferring files back and forth. I also considered getting rid of OFFICE entirely and using Google DOCS and Google SHEETS ( in lieu of WORD and EXCEL), but found them awkward; so went with OFFICE 365 in a subscription. I could then have used ACCESS 97 runtime.

Tony: Thanks for the offer to convert data bases, but I do have the old XP machine. I was hoping there might be so straight forward way to allow me to look at the data base for info that doesn't show up in the game displays (RCS, acoustic data, installation defenses, etc. ). My version of OFFICE 365 is the subscription version, so it has ACCESS 2019 (or 2020). The problem is Microsoft has decided if you want any of the OFFICE APPs, you have take them all; and that precludes running ACCESS 97 runtime. My ACCESS 2019 will convert the data base to the latest file format, but I assume that won't work with the Scenario Editor and GE ( version 2009.050 )


Thanks again for taking the trouble to reply,


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2 hours ago, Dawn said:

I too have an access 97 database and off ice 365 that I need to convert.  Any suggestions so it all stays intact?

thank you 


Same questions to start, do you have MS Access as part of your Office 365 subscription?  If you do, I can manually bring your pfData file up to date.  

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