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Cold Wars 2019


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At the last minute I was able to get time off from work and drive down to Lancaster, PA for the Cold Wars 2019 convention.  There I met Larry Bond, Chris Carlson, Mike Harris, et al.  I played Dawn of the Battleship with them on Friday, and Dance of the Vampires (abridged) on Saturday.  Saturday they also gave a presentation on the Chinese navy and a closer look at the proposed air defense rule changes for H4.2.

Larry and Chris said they would do a writeup on the DotV game, but I don't know in what publication/web page that will appear.  When I find out I will let you guys know.  I can tell you that the new rules will greatly reduce the complexity of a mass missile raid without sacrificing a realistic outcome.

BTW, the Soviets dished out tons of damage to the NATO task force while only taking minimal losses.  Sound familiar?


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