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I'll post new test versions of the game files to this thread and will bump the thread as needed. 

Please read the beta testing guidelines... https://harpgamer.com/harpforum/topic/3574-beta-testers-read-me-first/

Less risky path...

Start with your 2022.027 patched HUCE from Matrix. Then apply 2023.011.


More risky path...

If you are running 2024.001, you can install 2024.002 right over 2024.001.  2024.002 does not overwrite the PE.

2024.001 contains Platform Editor (PE) changes, both updated pfBuild2005.mdb and pfData2005.mdb files.  The installer backs up the files but I suggest you back up your pfData2005.mdb file anyway.  2024.001 can be applied to 2022.027 or newer builds.










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