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Anti-surface AGM-114M missile IR/Laser guidance weird behaviour


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Issue Information
⦁ Issue ID #000165
⦁ Issue Type Issue
⦁ Severity 0 – None Assigned
⦁ Status 21 - Fix Coded
⦁ Version 2017.001
⦁ Fixed in 2017.002
Anti-surface AGM-114M missile IR/Laser guidance weird behaviour
Posted by broncepulido on 06 November 2016 - 10:12 AM

Playing the Red Sea Sharks scenario.
When approaching to attack some Yemeni ports with MH-60S with AGM-114M, a weird result.

- Attack a single MANPADS site not attached to any Port installation: no problems.

- Attack a single MANPADS site, but attached as part/formation of a Port: I get the "target no radiating" promt in the essays of attack in the attribution of missiles to targets windows., and no attack possible

The same income as in the attached test scenario with a MH-60R (with the same loadout, but equipped with radar, in case was that the issue, but not).

If MANPADS is attached to a ship group (Exocet TEL), the outcome firing with MH-60S/AGM-114M outcome are very similar.

Attached test scenarios "Test AGM-114M" and "Test AGM-114M with Exocet TEL" and savegames near to target:
- Very simple test scenario, USS Ponce attacking with MH-60S and MH-60R, both with the same loadout with 8xAGM-114M.
- Second scenario adding Exocet TEL to verify the case with MANPADS attached to ship group.



Air to Air Refueling.zip

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